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Join my launch team!

Interested in joining my ARC team? I'm always looking for dedicated readers who are willing to share their thoughts and opinions. Take a look at the criteria below, and if it sounds like a good fit for you, go ahead and sign up!

ARC team members receive free advance copies of books before they become available for purchase. As a member of my team, you will be the first to read all of my books, and you will never have to pay a cent.



1. Do you like the genres I write in?

This seems like it's a given, but it's important. Not all of my books are exactly the same, but some underlying characteristics do occur in them all. First of all, I love romance. All of my books have some element of romance (clean romance, that is), and if not a guaranteed happy ending at the end of a novel, definitely one at the conclusion of the series. I also like to include mystery and adventure in my stories. Some elements of fantasy may be present, such as time travel and fictitious kingdoms, but I don't include magic and spells in my books. You will have the opportunity to choose which stories seem right for you.

2. Have you read my books before?

This one's not a requirement, but it helps to know ahead of time that you like my style. If you've read my books before and enjoyed them, then all the better! Let's keep the reader-writer relationship strong!

3. Are you willing to leave a review?

It's great if you want to recommend the book on social media and to your friends, but the most important thing you can do as an ARC team member is to write a review on Amazon. These reviews help others to know what to expect when they pick up the book, and they help me out immeasurably as an author. 

4. Is digital the right platform for you?

Please be aware that all advance reader copies will be delivered in digital form, meaning they can only be read on a digital reading device such as a Kindle or Nook, a cell phone or tablet, or a computer.

If joining my launch team sounds like the right thing for you, go ahead and fill out the form below. I look forward to sharing many stories with you in the future! 

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