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Laurie Sanford is a writer of historical romance and adventure. Her first series, The Winds of Freedom trilogy, follows a tale of love and growth on an antebellum cotton plantation. Her new series, The Memory Chase, is an adventure through Napoleonic France and beyond, through the eyes of a woman devoid of memory.


Laurie attended Pacific Union College in Napa Valley, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree. She studied to become a teacher, but wound up as a dispatcher, a job she loves and finds fulfillment doing. Laurie is happily married with three small children who have given her more joy than she could have ever imagined.


When she’s not at work or wrangling little ones, Laurie enjoys writing (her first love that now comes fifth in line), reading or watching anything historical, traveling (33 states and 7 countries so far), exploring nature, cooking, playing guitar, and studying genealogy. Having a family is the greatest blessing she has ever been bestowed, and everything she has she owes to Jesus Christ. 

Check out Laurie's blog for news about her writing and a deeper look at her many passions.

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