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Midnight Road to Heaven

(Winds of Freedom, Book Three)


The truth will light the road to freedom, if she’s willing to fight for it. 


What began as a rivalry has budded into romance. But as Eliza Drake plans her wedding to a wealthy abolitionist, she has no idea that a dark secret from her past could throw her plans into disarray. The husband she believes died years before still sits on a Boston street corner, waiting for their reunion. Will she discover the truth in time to change her fate? Or will the wicked Marshal Jackson Reed thwart whatever hope still lives on? When Eliza swipes a runaway slave from beneath him, his need for vengeance begins a perilous game of cat and mouse that can only end in destruction.


"A beautiful story of faith, love and strength." -bvoice,  Amazon Reviewer



"I read the other two books in her series, and this one didn't disappoint! There were so many twists and turns in this plot, I was guessing until the end. It was a great read!" -Shutterbug, Amazon Reviewer



"This book was a perfect ending to a wonderful series. It had me gripped from the start and I kept nearly missing my stop on my train commute to's been my literary highlight of the year and I know I will be re-reading it countless times in the future." -UK Amazon Reviewer

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