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Moon Over Blazing Star Field

(Winds of Freedom, Book Two)

Pregnant and alone, Eliza must chance all to fight for her child’s life and the cause she so strongly believes in.

With her husband on the run and enemies vowing to reveal her secret, Eliza Drake faces a daunting task alone. How can she bring a biracial baby into her prejudiced community without endangering everyone she holds dear?


Between her childhood friend’s wicked schemes, a mysterious widow with eyes for her father, a marshal out for blood and a shocking murder, it quickly becomes apparent that no one is safe. Her increasing abolitionist ventures only drag her deeper into the fray. And when the last man she expects rides back into town, Eliza must make an impossible choice—a secure future for her child or a past she so desperately wants to cling to. 


"This book is even better than the first far one of my favorite books. I was drawn in nearly the entire time. Time flew by. Get your hands on this one." -janemane, Amazon Reviewer



"An entertaining and insightful look at the old South and those willing to risk all to change it. Can't hardly wait for the next book." -Mr. V, Amazon Reviewer



"...this is a deep, moving, powerful, thought provoking, amazing story." -deb, Goodreads Reviewer


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