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Lucy Monroe Cartwright: The Villian I Just Love to Write

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

She is bratty. She is prejudiced. Sometimes she is downright malicious. But, wouldn’t you know it, Lucy Cartwright is my favorite character to write.

Maybe it’s because she’s so multi-faceted. Good characters are less interesting to create, because no matter what they do, their motives are usually pure. But bad characters–now there’s a real opporunity for unpredictable behavior. Just as their skewed outlook on life, their reasons for spiteful actions are influenced by life events and relationships not always immediately apparent to the reader. And, let’s face it, Lucy is not exactly a good apple.

One reason I love Moon Over Blazing Star Field is that we finally get a glimpse into Lucy’s perspective on life. The world always looks different through the villian’s eyes than anyone else’s. As readers, you will experience a significant portion of this story in Lucy’s head and discover that she’s not just a pretty face with a fondness for tantrums. You will see many characters as she sees them, such a different viewpoint from Eliza’s good-natured thoughts.

In moments of her shameless wickedness, I wonder how a character like this originated in my head, and furthermore–how I could enjoy writing her so much! But then I remember that we all have so many dimensions to our souls and personalities. Without the Lord’s guidance to temper the sin all of our hearts harbor, we could all count ourselves among the Lucy Cartwrights of this world.

So, I hope you all enjoy delving into this character’s mind as much as I did. We’ll witness her relationships develop (for good or bad) with Eliza, Thomas, Sarah, Nelson, and even those not yet onscreen. Some readers think she’ll self-destruct. Others hope for her redemption. Others hate her so much, they just want her gone. And still others have expressed to me their desire to watch how her vengeful plans unfold. Personally, I’m happy just to know her, ugliness and all.

The cover art is finished, and the novel’s in its final run-through. Only weeks stand between now the release date. I’m so excited for this milestone and thrilled to have you all along for the ride!

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