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My Upcoming Sequel

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Recently, I’ve received several enthusiastic notes from readers asking when the sequel to November Rain will be released. Well, I’m happy to inform you that Moon Over Blazing Star Field is currently in the editing stages. The red pen is out working its magic and the cover artist’s brush is whisking a beautiful picture. In just a short time, the continuation of Eliza’s story will be in your hands and Kindles, ripe for the reading. But for those of you half as excited as me, here are some things you can expect from book #2 in the Winds of Freedom series.

*Warning: Do not proceed if you haven’t yet read November Rain. Spoilers to follow.*


Eliza put her life and well-being in jeopardy by not only educating, but loving Luke in the first book. With the imminent arrival of her mulatto child, danger becomes an everyday reality for everyone living within Grace Haven’s walls. Perilous events take place. People die. A horrific murder rattles the people she loves most. And the risk only intensifies from here on out.

Both Heartbreaking and Inspiring Moments

As mentioned above, death is a subject that touches Moon Over Blazing Star Field more often than its predecessor. Expect the underlying theme of loss, but also the consequent triumph that follows. More than one scene makes me tear up every time I read it, and I wrote the darn thing! Although this book has significantly fewer mushy romantic bits, the unbreakable and sometimes complicated bond of parent and child still offers its share of sentiment.

Unexpected Twists

Even I didn’t anticipate some of the surprising events that unfold in this book. But I believe the best stories are unpredictable. So please don’t throw the sequel down after Chapter Three and hate me for what you didn’t believe I would do to my characters. This book is a minefield of bombshells (at least it was for me). You’ll see why the story unravels as it does in the end and it will all be worthwhile, I promise.

New Characters

With the longer time span and changing circumstances, significant new characters emerge.

Eliza’s Child–I’m not going to ruin your reading experience by saying too much, but I love this kid. I hope you will too.

Margaret Alister Sutton–This wealthy and forthright widow is shrouded in mystery. Her interest in the captain baffles Eliza, but not quite as much as her secretive endeavors. Eliza doesn’t trust her and pledges to expose whatever plan the woman is hatching behind closed doors.

Marshal Jackson Reed–Wicked and licentious, Reed comes to town to snuff out the abolitionist cause. His keen regard for Eliza threatens both her life and the battle she has vowed to wage against injustice.

…And one of my favorites makes a most brazen re-entrance, but I’m not going to tell you who. 🙂

Writing this book has been an incredible journey for me and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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