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New Hearts and Real Life Romance

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

*Warning: spoilers ahead if you haven’t read November Rain and Moon Over Blazing Star Field!

Hi, readers! I know it’s been awhile. Recently acquiring a wonderful, full-time job has unfortunately kept me too busy to send many updates or work on the new book, really. However, I am glad to tell you that Midnight Road to Heaven is rolling along and will be available shortly (think August). At this point, it’s really just pending some  pretty cover art. 🙂

So, in honor of its imminent release, I thought I’d bring you the final heart to describe the flavor of my newest book.


As you can see, a new set of words defines this very different story. Freedom. Rivalry. Truth. Light. Plans. Disarray. Dark. Secret. Willing. Abolitionist. Wealthy. Road. Romance.

We’ve moved past the initial stage of falling in love, past the lie that flipped Eliza’s world upside down, and into the final  stages of this turbulent romance. So, what can you expect from this book?

Action. Lots of action. Too much is at stake for our characters just to sit still now. Eliza will find herself outside her comfort zone a lot in this book, and will have to adjust and grow with the changing tides. If you like swift writing and exciting scenes, this one’s for you.

Romance. This should really go without saying, but I feel like I ripped the rug out from beneath some people with the last book. In this one, romance gets tested and real love emerges. Of course, I’m not going to tell you what that means and ruin it for you, but you can be sure that everyone will end up where they’re supposed to (whether that’s where you want them) by the book’s end.

New characters that challenge the status quo. Only a few new faces emerge in  this book, but they are the type of people that will make existing characters evaluate themselves and make difficult decisions. There is one in particular that I can’t wait to introduce.

When last we left things, Eliza had finally let go of Luke. Thinking that her husband was dead, she had agreed to marry the new man in her life. Lucy had discovered Nelson’s true colors and then lost him just as quickly. Now she’ll have to face that reality and the future that comes with it. And Jackson Reed was on the hunt. You will see much more of him in the upcoming book as he continues to fight against everything Eliza stands for.

I hope you enjoy reading Midnight Road to Heaven as much as I enjoyed writing it. The story is fun, sometimes dark, filled with emotion, and thrilling up to the end, where that coveted conclusion awaits. Until August, you can hop on over to my website and read the first chapter there.

Oh, and one more thing. There’s one other reason I have been so busy lately. Over the course of writing these books, my own love story has been blossoming. I’m happy to announce to my readers that Eliza is not the only girl planning a wedding. 🙂

Anyone recognize that face? 😉


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