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On the Eve of Publication

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

As I excitedly prepare to unveil my second novel to the world, I noticed something interesting about the cover blurbs. While the same story, the emphasis and themes are definitely shifting. This book was incredibly exciting for me to write, and I hope a good segue into the final, most thrilling chapter of all. The first was a romantic, coming of age story. The second takes us beyond that, where the first one could not. Consider these key words from November Rain:


I wanted November Rain to tell a love story surprising to characters and readers alike. In fact, I was told by an editor that such a tale would raise many Christian eyebrows (said to deter me, by the way). Well, good. Mission accomplished. Let the eyebrows keep on lifting.

History reveals the reality of such unlikely relationships, the truth that no matter the age, love isn’t bridled by prejudice and social norms. Love is a rare, beautiful gift that makes its own rules. And sometimes society won’t like it.

Now take a look at Moon Over Blazing Star Field:


We’ve seen Eliza grow up. We’ve seen her eyes open to cruel reality. Now it’s time to watch what she does with the choices she’s made. All throughout the first novel, she had the opportunity to turn back. Now she must go forward, no matter the cost. What will happen now that she can’t hide her decisions from family, friends, and even the perilous world she lives? How will she cope with the ever-increasing danger, and how will her relationship with God grow through these trials?

I hope you enjoy this second installment of the Winds of Freedom series. It’s been so much fun to plan and to write. You will get to know supporting characters more, as the curtain to Lucy’s world is pulled back and Thomas and Sarah’s lives gain prominence. The love of children and family will rise in place of the heavy romantic emphasis the first book provided. And Eliza’s story, as you think you know it, will be turned on its head more than once.

Thank you all for your support in this journey! May blessings find you this winter season and may God’s light shine in and through you. 🙂

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