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Racism, Still Alive and Well

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

As a nation, we have come so very far. Look back through the chapters of American history and you’ll see progress, innovation, and forward thinking. A country that once embraced the slavery of African Americans now has one as president. Freedom and rights for the few have swelled to encompass the many. But sometimes, I still have to step back and say, “Really, America? Really?!”

I am simply appalled at having to turn on my computer and find a beautiful news story marred by prejudice. For anyone who does not keep up to date on beauty pageants (I certainly don’t), Nina Davuluri won the coveted title of Miss America on Sunday night and she was the first Indian American to do it. Wonderful, right?! Apparently not everyone thinks so. Immediately following her victory, the internet lit up with hateful and malicious comments. People were up in arms that an Indian could win the title of “Miss America”. An Indian, who was born in New York and has lived in the United States her entire life.

Sorry, but…doesn’t this make her just as much of an American as the rest of us? My great-grandparents immigrated here from Ireland. My German great-great-grandparents came from Russia. And before that, my ancestors trickled here through the years from all over Europe. So how American am I? Based on this logic, not at all. And neither are you, because we all immigrated at some point. Oh, but that’s right. I forgot. My ancestors are white. This must make me more American than Nina Davuluri, right?

To the Miss America Pageant–I salute you for being courageous enough to award this distinction to woman who deserved it, even if it might offend the most ignorant among us. To those offended–catch up on your current events and buy yourself a map! The 9/11 bombings, Al-Qaeda, and Arabs have nothing to do with India. Please, stop giving America a negative reputation by attacking what you don’t understand. Find a member of the group you’re profiling and get to know them before spouting your uninformed opinions on the web.

Okay, sorry. Rant=over. I would just really, really like to see us become the America we should be, an America for all people. If we’ve learned nothing else from our history, let’s learn to embrace. Just think of the future American history books filled with pictures of slavery, civil rights picketers, and racist tweets side by side. How embarrassing for our generation. And how far we still need to travel out of this damaging mindset of inequality.

Here is a sampling of the aforementioned comments, along with an article on Miss Davuluri’s response. On a brighter note, I’ve just heard about the new movie “12 Years a Slave”, and I am over the moon. This is the movie I’ve been waiting for!

And thanks to all the recent reviewers, affirming my choice to write a book on racial prejudice. It means so much to know there are people who care about this issue enough to stand up for it!

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