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Why I Don’t Write G-Rated Books

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

I’ll admit it. I’m a writer, but not a terribly avid reader. It seems to go against every law of nature a writer has. The first thing you often hear out of authors’ mouths is all the greats who have inspired them.

But I do have those. I’ve read many, many excellent books. My problem is that not every author tackles the hard issues. A great many people read to be swept away into a fantasy, and that’s fine. It’s an essential element of fiction. But I want to hear about the tough stuff. Hence why I’ve cracked open Francine Rivers’ books time and again. She isn’t afraid to wrestle with prostitution, abortion, the vicious, pagan spirit of the Roman Empire. And I wouldn’t love her the same if she was.

An editor once told me that the racial issues in my book would raise some red flags with readers. Christian readers, in particular. Rather than be discouraged, I took this as motivation. Christians, of all people, should be the first to acknowledge the equality of all men. If we’re not ready to do this, then allow me to write some more! I’m not satisfied in a world where people are judged by their color, class, religion, sex, whatever the distinction may be.

I write about race. I write about hatred. I write about the pits people fall into when they’re not hand in hand with their Savior. I write because these are real issues. Slavery (as we historically see it) might have ended in our country long ago, but racism has not. Hatred has not. And until we live in a perfect world full of benevolence and love, don’t expect any G-rated books from me. Expect pain, heartache, laughter, love amid trials, overcoming. Expect to examine your own heart. Change inevitably comes when we do.

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