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The Moon King's Bounty

(The Memory Chase, Book 2)

Only one thing can stand in the way of her happiness—the murder of the man she loves.

Having thwarted an insidious plot to start a war, Madeleine hopes to begin a life with Gabriel Clement. His ambitious uncle has other plans. When he introduces Gabriel to a wealthy heiress, Madeleine must set aside her feelings to protect the Clement house.


Haunted by an increasingly complicated past, she is torn between familial loyalty and a heart that won't let go. A trail of clues left by Gabriel’s ancestor brings them together on a quest for a long-lost treasure neither is sure really exists, but can she unravel the mystery before those who seek to harm him succeed?


"Full of wonderful characters, intriguing mystery, dangerous situations, love and romance." -Star ARC Reviewer, Amazon

"Laurie Sanford writes her characters with intelligence, heart, and humor which, when paired with intrigue and the breathtaking backdrop of the French countryside, create a story impossible to put down." -Mrs. A, Amazon

"The author captured the feelings and emotions of the characters beautifully and drew the reader into the story right from beginning of the book." -Librarian, Netgalley

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