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To Capture a Unicorn

(The Memory Chase, Book 4)

He needs absolution. She needs escape. They never expect to find each other.

Pirate captain Christophe Roux has a duty to perform: take the Moon King’s treasure back to France at the behest of the woman he loves. After he fulfills his promise, he plans to return to his life of thievery and never fall in love again. With enemies aboard his ship and a splintered crew plotting to overthrow him, the last thing he needs is a woman stowing away.

Jane Whitecliffe desires only to serve God. Driven to the sea by the threat of an unwanted marriage, she vows to become a nun in Barbados. But when her ship is attacked by a band of pirates, she’s thrown into a world of danger she never imagined. Relying on the protection of the rough yet generous captain, Jane soon finds her defenses crumbling.

Can two people as different as night from day overcome the obstacles between them, or will their enemies rip their unlikely bond apart?

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