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The Guardians' Plot

(The Memory Chase, Book One)

Each memory brings her closer to the truth, and closer to peril.


When Madeleine Bertrand wakes on a mysterious island with no memory, she must rely on her instincts to survive. As she navigates the unknown, her past unfolds—a family torn apart by war, a handsome baron with secrets of his own, a blooming love story, and hidden treasure.


Soon, she’s on a mission to save the man she loves and the church of her childhood from wicked schemers, but her broken memory threatens to derail her. Thrust into a plot to destroy an empire, Madeleine must decipher truth from fiction before time runs out.

"From Traitors Island to the Gates of Hell this book will take you on one wild trip that will completely captivate you." -Crystal Crossings, Amazon Reviewer


"A MUST read! Between the mystery, heartache, love story and the twist and turns, it keeps you intrigued and not wanting to put the book down. Can’t wait for the next book." -AJ, Amazon Reviewer

"I was not putting this book down until I was finished." -Barbara, Goodreads Reviewer

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